LIVE SCORES: Crusaders v Reds
Extensive shopping list revealed in Sydney court
Former board members wait to condemn succesors
All abandoned with umbilical cords attached
Eight years for boning knife stabbing
Demanded cash wearing ‘scraggly wig’
‘Manslaughter or acquittal’, lawyer declares
Hundreds of four-legged pests swarm into backyards, roads
Waiting on reports before deciding
As NSW cops respond to Kiwis
Not given antibiotics despite having no spleen
Kiwi man worked his way up the ranks
Pop star also takes aim at critics of his form
Focus on sustainability rather than spreading wings
Toronto even series with overtime victory
The man who inspired Houdini
But ACT cabbie insists he’s no hero
A new survey uncovers favourite employers
‘Wellness’ blogger claims she beat terminal illness by eating healthy
Victim’s family appalled by release
Early retirement plans for the 14 winners
Adelaide shoppers attacked at random
Radio star made ‘stupid’ paternity suggestion
Issue sparked slanging match between McGuire, hierarchy of Sydney AFL clubs
Clear win in Queensland LNP leadership spill
Removed from his computer’s hard drive
Garbage collector dumped women’s bodies in dumpsters
Controversial law proposed by NSW government
Parra could play for points while officials pursue legal action
Robber fires two shots into the roof as warning
Treasury officials reveal grim ten year forecast
Revered naturalist was once a handsome young man
Set to pick up Harrison Ford’s blaster
Cute dog unfortunately not very bright
Where to find the best trilece cake in Istanbul
German shepherd was only rescued months before
Wines for guzzling, pairing with food or cellaring
Drops to one knee holding a diamond ring
Middle-aged man stole $8000 worth in three hits
‘It took me so long to get to this point’
Weird find from new bacteria study
Basement plastic surgery operating room
Southern-style chicken, deep-fried custard and more
Private three-room cabin and lounge area
Kitchen contraption is oddly mesmerising
Fast-food giant enters the beauty market
‘That’s a great story’
Sister Gertrude walks off with wads of cash
Shocking statistics about our social lives
Melbourne home blessed with stunning extension
Mistakenly films own face for entire trip to… Amsterdam
‘I’m not f—ing Kim, Kanye needs to chill’
And ‘the worst thing about being married’
Just like baking a dangerous cake
Cinderella moment required a bus, 30 battery packs and a saw
Star goes ’80s with a surprise accent
Vintage photos shows plane food wasn’t always so bad
Queensland grandma breaks down with $10k surprise
Jedi son’s unexpected reaction to Star Wars villain
Remarkable workout without feet
Art deco buildings lovingly restored
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