Aircraft with 162 on board requested flight ‘deviation’ due to rough weather
Kohli feels no reason to respect Aussies
Controversial penalty sways A-League clash
TV host keeps straight face as producers go hilariously overboard with CGI
First explosion failed to take down 16-storey building
Lyon drops a sitter to let India off the hook
Scared locals told police they had seen a dinosaur
Young man in serious but stable condition after projectile ricochets
Melbourne drivers filmed bending the rules and the boomgate
Controversial group wants to ‘push certification costs onto Muslims’
Family of one-punch kill victim slam exemption
Sawn-off rifle used to threaten patrons
Veteran wicketkeeper’s contender for catch of the summer
Relatives watch as body dragged from water
Reports indicate hostage’s injury consistent with bullet ricochet, not shotgun pellet
Woman sexually assaulted on Mount Evelyn track
President accused of inciting cinemas to screen controversial film
American supermaxi closing in on Wild Oats XI
Aussies in box seat, but India still talking tough at MCG
Officers turn their backs on city leader
Goodes ‘mulls entering politics’ after leaving footy field

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Victim fighting for life after being hit to the back of the head outside pub
Six-year-old missing overnight after being dragged down Victorian river
Crystal Palace sack manager, Tony Popovic touted as possible replacement
Footballer punished for kissing opponent to defuse stoush
Contestant solves three-word puzzle with only a single letter exposed
Power hitting sparks win in Sydney derby
Erotic actress who lost job as teacher appeals ruling
Melbourne jump to second spot on A-League table
Super-maxi wins record eighth Sydney to Hobart line honours
Kim Kardashian is joined by Kanye and North as they pose for a selfie
Official narrowly avoids crunching blow
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